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A letter to Jeff Hecksel:

Dear City Manager,

It was said in the movie Field of Dreams “Build it and they will come.” Well, it was built and now we have come to play!  My name is Tim Brown, a resident of Glenwood Springs. I have been a tennis player for about 20 years. I came from Longmont, Colorado to the Glenwood Springs area about two years ago.

In Longmont, there is a good-sized tennis community that participates throughout the year. Over the years, the city and schools allowed us to reserve the courts for our leagues and tournaments free of charge. The local tennis association in return donated a tennis net or two among other things as a sign of thanks. A few years back, a 2-court tennis bubble was put up despite the concerns of aesthetics and maintenance. It has since paid for itself and continues to be constantly booked throughout the winter months.

Something similar can happen here in Glenwood Springs. I see a need to re-educate the City and Community Center of the interest in tennis in this area. I also see a need for a tennis association. From the beginner to the advanced, I think there are a good number of tennis players in this community. I’m sure there are many others in the community out of the “tennis loop” that would love to get involved too.

Thanks to the tennis enthusiasts in the community, we have 3 of the 4 tennis courts promised at the community center. I would like to see that 4th or even a 5th court built. I understand that a kind gentleman, who unfortunately is no longer with us, donated a tennis bubble. I support the donated bubble being inflated somewhere on the community center grounds. Perhaps the bubble could be placed on the 2 additional courts just in the winter months. Additionally, the park courts are in poor shape. Someone is going to get hurt on those cracks!

One day I got on the phone and called some players from a list about their interest in participating in a Men’s, Women’s, or Mixed Doubles league this Spring and Summer. The response was much more than I anticipated. I placed these players on tentative team’s lists, 4 in total. In the process, I also discovered that there are 3 other teams forming on their own and a strong possibility of an additional team forming before the upcoming deadline. That is a substantial number of 50 to 72 players on 6 to 8 teams that I feel it shouldn’t be ignored.  I’m sure that number could be more.

Each league would play once a week for about 6 weeks. There are leagues in the spring, summer and fall. Roughly half the matches would be here and the other half against teams in Aspen, Snowmass,Carbondale and perhaps a few other areas too. And although the leagues are sort of a laid back social event forming relationships in the community as well as with other communities, it does offer the chance for those more competitive teams to represent Glenwood Springs in state, regional and national playoffs.

The leagues would require approximately 6 to 8 hours a week of court time at the Glenwood Springs Community Center for part of the spring and summer. That is less than 10% of the court time for a substantial interest in leagues and feel it is not too much to ask. The other 90% is available for other tennis opportunities at the community center. I think with some creative scheduling, everyone’s tennis interest can be accommodated.

Finally, I urge the city to re-evaluate the tennis needs in the community, build that 4th court that was promised in the staging area, put up the bubble in the winter and to give league players the opportunity to play their matches at the community center and parks on an annual basis.

Thank you,

Tim Brown

  • frvp Says:
    April 24th, 2006 at 2:20 pm eA reply from the city:

    Hi Tim:

    Thanks for your letter. If you are not aware, the City is going through a Parks & Recreation Master Plan update right now. I will forward your comments to Leon Kuhn the Parks and Recreation Director.

    If funding is available for 2007, the City will be looking at putting in the 4th court. It is high on the priority list. I am not sure on the condition of the tennis bubble, but believe it is not in the best of condition.

    Again, thanks for your comments.

    Jeff Hecksel

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